Ecommerce Plus

This new service will allow clients who are selling product on different platforms to have their product be shipped directly to their customers. eBay? No problem. Your own eCommerce store? Yes!

For example, if you are selling on eBay and a customer buys your product we can ship it directly to them.

How It Works

Once we receive your product we will place it in the Ready to Ship program. Ready to Ship means that we will place an identifying label on your product and process it in any way it needs to be. (Please view our Storage page for more details.)

For example if your product requires bubble wrapping or bagging, then this will be done to your product and you will be charged for that.

Then it’s ready to go! No need for you (or your client) to wait several days for processing after it’s ordered.

Once a product sells, let us know what shipping method you prefer, and we’ll ship the very same day.


Here is our fee structure for our FBA fulfillment services. These apply whether you buy inventory through us, have merchandise shipped from an online retailer or manufacturer, or whether you send in your own inventory for us to process.

  • 1-25 units: $2.00 per unit
  • 25-75 units: $1.65 per unit
  • 76-150 units: $1.45 per unit
  • 151-250 units: $1.30 per unit
  • 251-375 units: $1.15 per unit
  • 376-500 units: $1.00 per unit
  • 501+ units: $0.85 per unit

*Contact for high-volume based pricing

** There is an extra fee of $1.00 for bubble wrap per item. For bundles/multipacks, there is a $1.00 fee for each item in the bundle needing bubble wrap.

This fee includes: receiving, unboxing, inspecting, boxes and Reconcile ordered inventory to received inventory and labeling your merchandise ONLY.

Items that are more than 24 inches are considered oversized and will be charged an additional $1 per oversized item since they can’t fit in a standard sized box.

Holiday Inflatables Pricing

There will be $1.00 extra charge for Holiday Time items for covering their 5 price tags.

There will be a $0.25 charge for non-Holiday Time brand inflatables due to their size.

These price fees will not stack or be part of the pricing grid above.

The Pricing Fees for ECommerce and Multi-Channel Fulfillment

  • $1.00 Pick and Pack fee per unit for orders going from our Storage to Amazon Warehouses.
  • $1.50 Pick and Pack fee per unit for eCommerce orders
  • $1.00 for standard Dunnage Fee Per unit.  Larger items please call for pricing.
  • No products shipped out of the country first class mail.  All products shipped out of the country must have additional insurance coverage if the value is more than the shipping company’s insured value.
Please see pricing for additional prepping here.