Time calculated from when we receive your shipment to when we send to Amazon FBA.
Client shipments are handled on a first-in, first-out basis.

Effectively immediately:  Handling returns will be $1.50 per item.

We DO NOT process the following:

  • Bulk Jewelry (mixed boxes)
  • Used Items
  • Liquidation Clothing with no tags to identify what it is. no single units of clothing. Min 3 per.


Here is our fee structure for our FBA fulfillment services. These apply whether you buy inventory through us, have merchandise shipped from an online retailer or manufacturer, or whether you send in your own inventory for us to process.

  • 1-25 units: $2.00 per unit
  • 25-75 units: $1.65 per unit
  • 76-150 units: $1.45 per unit
  • 151-250 units: $1.30 per unit
  • 251-375 units: $1.15 per unit
  • 376-500 units: $1.00 per unit
  • 501+ units: $0.85 per unit

*Contact for high-volume based pricing

** There is an extra fee of $1.00 for bubble wrap per item. For bundles/multipacks, there is a $1.00 fee for each item in the bundle needing bubble wrap.

This fee includes: receiving, unboxing, inspecting, boxes and Reconcile ordered inventory to received inventory and labeling your merchandise ONLY.

Items that are more than 24 inches are considered oversized and will be charged an additional $1 per oversized item since they can’t fit in a standard sized box.

Holiday Inflatables Pricing

There will be $1.00 extra charge for Holiday Time items for covering their 5 price tags.

There will be a $0.25 charge for non-Holiday Time brand inflatables due to their size.

These price fees will not stack or be part of the pricing grid above.

Local Drop-off

We accept local drop-offs for RA and other fulfillment needs. Please inquire at our contact page.

We will need to be notified at least 24 hours before drop-off to prepare proper services.


Books:  New and Used. $2/each to prep.

Multipacks:  Multipacks of 2-3 items will be $2.00 per pack and bundles of 4 or more items will still be $3.20.

Bundles:  The cost is $3.20 per bundle regardless of the number of items.

Refer to pricing tiers.  Service includes receiving, unboxing, inspecting, boxes, bubble wrap  and labeling only.

Storage: Hold your items in our warehouse. Only .50/cents per cubic foot per month, with NO additional long-term storage fees.   Learn more about our storage service and requirements.

Ecom Plus: On-demand shipment for eBay and eCommerce, when you need a prompt, reliable shipping service for order fulfillment. Learn more about the ECom Plus service.

If you’re registered, you will be the first to know of ANY new services, price changes or upgrades through our email notifications on the software fulfillment platform!

New Service Charge:

Also if product is sent to our warehouse before it is entered into our software and we have to give you a complete inventory there will be and additional cost of .25 a unit.  If it is entered into our software first no additional fee.

Amazon Customer Returns:

We are going charge Amazon Customer Returns for $2.00.  This covers receiving the returns and inspecting their condition and sending back to Amazon if needed.
** The customer will be charged shipping costs if the items are damaged and have to be returned to them.

Shipping-Related, Including Our Pallet Program:

  • (NEW) Freight Forwarding: $55 a pallet, If you want us to receive pallets from manufacturers to be freight-forwarded to Amazon, we can do so. We’ll receive, do outside labeling, and store until you provide freight shipping labels via email. This is based on Amazon labeling your individual items for you not us.
  • Pallet Sorting: An additional $50 on top of our regular Prepping  pricing (if a pallet we receive has mixed items in cases)
  • We can ship directly to you.
  • We can also freight forward your  Individual Shipping boxes.  The cost per box is $4.50 for case pack boxes. We’ll receive, put the outside shipping label on the box that you provide and ship to Amazon on your behalf.

We do not ship goods in the original manufacturer boxes; such boxes can’t be bubble lined as Amazon requires and may not be in good enough condition to use.

We cannot give you an estimate on how many boxes we will have to use until we process your order.