How It Works

You’ll find that having Pro Prep and Fulfillment prepare and ship your items to be a very convenient service, but we do understand it can be a bit confusing at first.

In essence, what we’re doing is streamlining your business by making it unnecessary for you to handle inventory at all.

All of the tedious tasks – unpacking, checking for damage, labeling items, bundling them, bagging them, wrapping in bubble packaging, and boxing for shipment – are services that we can handle for you. You’ll find that our pricing is very affordable, given how much time you’ll save – and we make sure we keep up with Amazon’s ever-changing requirements.

No more having to get permission to get into your seller account. No more time consuming back and forth google docs emails.

Our  state-of-the-art software walks you through the process – all you have to do is create your listings and enter data, submit, and you’re DONE.

All you need to do is REGISTER – and you’ll get instant access to our system.


Ship products directly to us.

  • Do you order online (“online arbitrage”)? Then rather than having your purchases shipped to your house, you can have them shipped to us.
  • Do you order from manufacturers? Have them send the cases or pallets to us, instead of unloading them at your home or warehouse.

**** We do not accept any shipments that come to us Collect****

TIP: To ship to us, use:
Your first name and last name
205 N Court St
Marion, IL 62959

(618) 663-2919

STORE: Let us hold your items in our warehouse
Do you need a place to store your inventory before shipment? Get it out of your house and into our warehouse

Cost is only .50/cents per cubit foot. There are NO long-term additional storage fees.We can handle your storage needs, very affordably.

Visit our Storage page to learn more.

PREP: Inspect, label, bundle as needed
We’ll inspect products that are shipped to us and prepare them for shipment to Amazon. From labels to bagging and bubble-wrapping, we know what Amazon expects and will prepare your items accordingly.

PACK: Carefully box for shipment
Your valuable merchandise will be carefully packaged in sturdy boxes and padded appropriately to ensure their safe arrival.  We do not ship goods in the original manufacturer boxes; such boxes can’t be bubble lined as Amazon requires and may not be in good enough condition to use.

SHIP: Direct to warehouse or customer
Sending inventory to Amazon or another online marketplace? No problem, we can handle large orders.

E-com PLUS: On-demand shipment for eBay and eCommerce
Do you need us to ship your merchandise for you when it sells? Whether you sell on eBay, merchant-fulfill on Amazon or sell from your own storefront, we can ship your order when it sells.

Amazon Customer Returns: We are going charge Amazon Customer Returns for $2.00.
This covers receiving the returns and inspecting their condition and sending back to Amazon if needed. The customer will be charged shipping costs if the items are damaged and have to be returned to them.

Please visit our Ecommerce page to learn more.

There’s no reason not to REGISTER and learn more about how our fulfillment process works. There’s NO CONTRACT and NO COMMITMENT.

When you’re ready for a premier service to handle volume processing for your Amazon inventory, Pro Prep and Fulfillment has the experience, know-how and technology to do it right.